Terms And Conditions

Basic Terms And Conditions

This Service Is Expressly Conditioned On Buyers On These Terms And Conditions. Any Acceptance Of Sellers Offer Is Expresslylimited To Acceptance Of These Terms And Conditions And Sellers Expressly Objects To Any Additional Or Different Terms Proposed By Buyer.No Buyer Form Shall Modify These Terms And Conditions, Nor Shall Any Course Of Performance, Course Of Dealing, or Uses Of Services Operate As A modification Or Waiver Of These Terms And Conditions.


  1. We Provide Real-Time Leads Those Who Are Looking For The Services.
  2. We Generate Leads Both Through Online And Offline Mode.
  3.  Conversion is depending on how you offer and what you offer. (No conversion will be done from PLI side).
  4. Service Activation Will be Done Within 48 Hours after the subscription.

  5.  Lead flow will be based on the flow we receive.

  6. As per the flow and verification leads will shared accordingly.

  7.  Subscription fee is Non-Refundable.

  8.  Every lead feedback is important and beyond the time limit we cannot be consider it.
  9.  Every lead has time duration which will be mentioned while sharing the lead and Also there is a standard time will 5 to 10 Minutes.

  10.  Feedback should be submitted through email/Whatsapp/App within the time duration.
  11. Feedback cannot be consider through word of mouth or on call to the employees.
  12. The contract duration will be four months… It will be more or less determining by the parties under this agreement/contract, until and unless the leads get shared.
  13. The Advertiser has given his consent to contact him for any business promotion of Prism Lead India during the tenure of this agreement or even after expiry of its tenure.

14. Roles and Responsibility in verifying leads

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Profile Cross check
  3. Lead Accuracy
  4. Lead Probing with accuracy

 15. Lead Replacement Policy

  1. Client doesn’t have any requirement
  2. Wrong Lead details / Shared other category lead
  3. Invalid Contact details
  4. Lead shared for other location


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