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Repair or Maintenance Washing Machine

Our End Service Providers Believe in Quality of Service.

Washing Machine Repair in Bangalore

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Installation of washing machine

They provide quick installation of washing machines, whether it is new or old, by our industry-best technicians.

Fixing noisy washing machine

Our end service providers can help you fix a noisy washing machine when it suddenly starts making loud noises

Uninstalling washing machine

Uninstall your washing machine.Our End Service Providers one of the leading providers of washing machine repair and maintenance.

washing machine service

Our Service Providers provide the best washing machine in your area. They has the most expert and experienced professionals.

Replacement of washer & tubes

Washer and tubes of a washing machine cause problems when they get damaged. They provide replacement washers and tubes in a washing machine.

washing machine repair services

Need a washing machine repair service ASAP? We offer professional washing machine services to diagnose and fix significant issues

List of Washing Machine Services, Bangalore


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Vinayaka Services

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Washing Machine Repair Bangalore

            Technology changed the way of our life, our standards of living. Machines make our work easy and comfortable. A washing machine made our manual cloth cleaning work very easy. Washing machines are a necessary home appliance in every household. In today’s busy life schedule, it saves both time and energy to invest in other productive work. Modern washing machines have several functions like automatic cleaning, rinsing the cloth and drying it. Every washing machine has an expiry date. If we maintain it properly, then the washing machine will run for longer. If we don’t need it, then the washing machine will stop working. Washing machines can stop working due to various reasons. Our end service provider professional washing machine repairing service technicians always suggest maintaining your washing at a regular interval. 


Our End Service Providers provide several kind of services like

  1. Installation of washing machine- installing an automatic or semi-automatic washing machine in your home, then you need a professional technician for installation.
  2. Uninstalling washing machine- while shifting to some other location, you need to relocate your washing machine as well. To uninstall the washing machine, you need to call a washing machine expert from Prism lead India.
  3. Replacement of washer & tubes- washer and tubes have a fixed life span. Sometimes we need to replace it. You can call technicians listed under Prism lead India for a complete health check-up of your washing machine.
  4. Fixing noisy machines- washing machines start creating irritating noise due to several reasons. To repair your washing machine, you can call our professionals listed under Prism lead India to fix your issues.

Repair Service

           With decades of experience and expertise in the field, our professionals can repair almost all models of washing machines available in the market, including Bosch, Whirlpool, LG, Panasonic Electrolux, Godrej, Haier, Videocon, IFB, Kenstar, Kelvinator, Onida, Neff, Candy, Cannon, Samsung, Voltas, BPL etc. All repair services at InTime delivery are carried by professionally trained, reliable and certified technicians.

At Prism lead India, you can directly contact very trusted, pre-verified & top-rated washing machine repairing companies in Bangalore, and they have experience of repairing. Before enlisting any washing machine repairing company under Prism lead India’s platform, we complete verification of those washing machine repairing companies by meeting them, complete office verification and telephonic and online methods. In addition, we maintain the complete record of their government registration certificate, GST registration details, licence number of washing machine repairing service providers in Bangalore, and company documents.

Prism Lead India a dedicated support team and a verification team also which checks the washing machine repairing companies reliability, their contact details, previous experience in this field, office location, owner ID proof, and washing machine repair companies reviews ratings to make sure we list only best rated and highly experienced washing machine repair companies in Bangalore.

Maintenance Service

          Every machine requires its timely maintenance service, proper lubrication of moving parts, dust/dirt removal and replacing a damaged part. Similarly, washing machines also need maintenance services. Maintenance of the washing machine enhances its lifespan and makes it least prone to damage or malfunction.

Benefits of Maintenance of Washing Machine

  1. Increases the life of washing machine
  2. Reduces the noise created by washing machine
  3. Saves electricity bill by reducing the amount of electricity consumed
  4. Maintenance of the washing machine makes it least prone to damage or malfunction
  5. Clean and odourless washing drum cleans our clothes properly and makes them smell free.

6 Tips For Using Your Washing Machine Smartly

Don’t Overload

Washing machines are designed to handle a specific load at a defined rotational speed. If you increase the load, it will generate more rotational momentum, and rotational impeach force which reduces the lifespan of your washing machine. Never overload your washing machine. It won’t save your time and ends up with poor washing quality because clothes don’t get enough free space to rotate. In addition, overloading may cause instant damage, leading to a waste of your time, money and efforts.

Don’t Close the Door Immediately:

Please don’t close the doors of your washing machine immediately after using it because it may cause a blunder. Instead, leave the door of your washing machine open for 15-30 minutes after using it, as the foul smell of your washer will diffuse out. Keeping the door open helps remove the moisture and prevent any rusting and bacteria from breeding inside your washing machine. A professional washing machine repairing technician always suggests wiping off the moisture with a thick dry cotton cloth after washing, which ensures the long run of your washing machine.

Don’t Use an Excessive Amount of Detergent:

Using too much detergent leaves an excessive residue which causes damage to the bathtub, harms the rotor and other parts. Using too much detergent harms your clothes as well. Excessive use of detergent reduces the shine and life of your clothes.

Unplug the Washing Machine Immediately after Use:

  1. Unplugging any appliance reduces electric consumption. Switching off the appliance never cuts the complete connection from the electricity. Slowly appliances consume a small amount of electricity. Switching off appliances reduces energy costs.
  2. Washing machine repair service professionals suggest plugging out your washing machine from the switchboard because it reduces the short circuit and the risk of fire.
  3. It protects your devices against power surges.

Regularly Inspect Hoses:

      Prevention is always better than cure, so our washing machine repair technician tied up with prism lead India always suggests you regularly keep an eye on the hoses for a smooth inflow and discharge of water in the washing machine. Also, check whether inlets are properly connected and blockages, cracks, loose connection or leaks. If any damage is found then replace it or contact our technician to get the exact service.

Regular Washer Cleaning:

       Washing machines need regular cleaning and maintenance if you want to enhance the life span of your washing machine. Washing machine repair service companies always suggest that you clean your washing machine regularly. This is because bacteria or algae always develops in the trays and dispensaries of your washing machine. Not cleaning them may lead to health issues and bad odour.

       You can follow these simple steps suggested by our washing machine repair companies. First, select the largest load size over the display, fill the washing tub with hot water and one and a half cups of bleach, adjust the settings to self-cleaning cycle and run it for time duration. After the cleaning cycle ends, remove the drawers and dispensers, rinse them with warm water, and flush off the residue.

Common Issues of Washing Machine

  1. Noisy agitator- cause of a noisy agitator can be a misalignment of an agitator. If the centre of gravity of the agitator mismatches from its rotation point due to loose bolts, centre displacement or any other reasons, then it starts creating noise which irritates the user and can cause damage to the washing machine.
  2. Water leaking in the washing machine- water may leak due to the following reasons.
  1. A crack in the washtub
  2. Hosepipe loose connection
  3. Discharge pipe faulty connection
  4. Broken washtub
  5. An unsecured or clogged drain hose
  6. Damaged or Disconnected Internal Water Hoses
  7. Broken or Disconnected Drain Pump
  8. Top Loading Washer Damaged Tub Cover Gasket.

If you face such issues, you can contact washing machine service companies listed under prism to lead India to experience the best service at the cheapest rates. Prism leads India washing machine service team to ensure you the cheap and quick service at your doorstep.

Draining issue- it is a very common issue generally found in every washing machine. This happens due to the clogging in the pump or drainage pipe. If you are facing such a problem, then turn the machine completely off and start again.

Benefits of Hiring Technician from Prism Lead India

  1. Double accountability from prism leads India as well as our Washing Machine Repair Bangalore companies.
  2. We will provide you with multiple quotes from top Washing Machine Repair Bangalore companies.
  3. We have a well-organized support team for any of your grievances redressal.
  4. If a cleaning service provider is unavailable in the time slot you want, we will provide other cleaning service teams at the same rate.